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A wide range of wood floor services

When it comes to hardwood floors, we can do it all. If you have any questions, give us a call and we'll come over to discuss your project with a no-pressure conversation.

Trusted services.

We've done it all, from the largest luxury homes in the city to condos and everything in between. If designers in the Parade of Homes trust us, you can too.

New install

New Installs

Hardwood floors not only enhance the look of your home, but are also the most resilient and easy to clean floors around. That's not to mention the value it adds to your home. We install a variety of materials, from site finished natural wood, to prefinished and engineered products.

The process couldn't be easier. With our specialized dust-collection equipment and best practices, your home will be cleaner than when we started.

Whether you have product you'd like us to install, or want us to deliver it for you, we're here to help you make the best decision for your hardwood floors.

Hardwood floor refinishing


Life happens, pets and kids happen, your floors get scratched.

More often than not, an inexpensive maintenance coat on your wood floors will make them look as good as new, and is a fraction of the cost of sanding down to the bare wood.

Hardwood floors in historic homes tend to have stains and deep scratches. Hardwood floors tend to change color over the years as well. When we resand, we color match the stain to create a perfect match.

New install

Additions & Extensions

Want to extend your kitchen to the entire floor? We can lace-in new installs with existing, making a seamless transition from old to new.

Want to extend your kitchen to the entire floor? We can lace-in new installs with existing, making a seamless transition from old to new.

Hardwood floor refinishing


Water damage? Damaged pre-finished hardwood floors? We've seen it all (ask us for stories). And we've fixed it all.

Sometimes a full re-sand of your wood floors is not feasible, as in the case of prefinished flooring. We can often replace individual boards that have been damaged. After gluing and nailing, the repaired area ends up being even more durable than the surrounding floors.

New install

New Construction

We've worked with plenty of builders on new and custom homes and they love us. We work well with the tight schedules that comes with new construction.

We also take great care with the other trades in the house to make sure nobody's work is damaged during the build process.

The final coat of the floors should be the last thing that happens before you move in. Request Avalanche Hardwood Floors when working with your builder.

Hardwood floor refinishing

Custom Medallions & Inlays

These hardwood medallions and inlays are actually quite affordable, often premanufactured on a CNC machine.

We've installed family crests, compass roses & stars, borders, herringbone, and other decorative patterns in plenty of homes. Ask us about the process.

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